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Baalbek arabic : ) and also known as, balbec, Baalbec. Near the western city limits of modern Jerusalem, 19 tumuli have been documented (Amiran, 1958). He was then joined by the main army, riding north under Baldwin and Humphrey of Toron ; they defeated Saladin's elder brother Turan Shah in August at Ayn al-Jarr and plundered Baalbek. 124 When the committee inscribed the site, it expressed the wish that the protected area include the entire

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town within the Arab walls, as well as the southwestern extramural quarter between Bastan-al-Khan, the Roman site and the Mameluk mosque of Ras-al-Ain. Further, the jointed columns were once banded together with iron; many were gouged open or toppled by the emirs of Damascus to get at the metal. 68) or his son Manasseh (Grena, 2004,. .

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He did not permit Turan Shah to retain Baalbek very long, though, instructing him to lead the Egyptian troops returning home in 1179 and appointing him to a sinecure in Alexandria. Recent cleaning operations at the Temple of Jupiter discovered the deep trench at its edge, whose study pushed back the date of Tell Baalbek's settlement to the ppnb Neolithic. Over the years, it has suffered from the region's numerous earthquakes, the iconoclasm of Christian and Muslim lords, and the reuse of the temples' stone for fortification and other construction. 22 Péré Tumulus ( fr ) on Prissé-la-Charrière commune (Deux-Sèvres a neolithic long barrow with tumulus 100 by 20 metres (328 ft  66 ft dating from 4,450 to 4,000. The Archaeology of Korea. Common forms include conical mounds, ridge-top mounds, platform mounds, and animal effigy mounds, but there are many variations. Thousands of mounds in the USA have been destroyed as a result of farming, pot-hunting, amateur and professional archaeology, road-building and construction.

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